April 1, 2011

As The Dayton Foundation Celebrates 90th Anniversary, Grants Total More Than Half-Billion Dollars Since 1921

On April 5, The Dayton Foundation celebrates its 90th anniversary and 90 years of helping people to help others. Among the first community foundations in the country, The Dayton Foundation since 1921 has awarded to charities 225,000 grants totaling more than a half-billion dollars. This was made possible by thousands of area donors who established charitable funds at The Dayton Foundation.

The Dayton Foundation, which serves Greater Dayton, was the idea of Dr. D. Frank Garland, then-director of welfare for the National Cash Register (NCR) Company and longtime civic leader. Support and startup funding came from John H. Patterson, founder and chairman of NCR, his sister-in-law, Julia Shaw Patterson Carnell, and nephew, Robert Patterson.

Since its establishment, The Dayton Foundation has grown from the Pattersons' initial gift of $250,000 in appreciated NCR stock to an all-time high of $371 million in community assets at the close of 2010. Furthermore, the Foundation has an additional $180 million in committed legacy gifts, which will come to the Foundation at a future date.

"This is an important milestone in The Dayton Foundation’s history," said Gary L. LeRoy, M.D., chair of The Dayton Foundation Governing Board. "When the Foundation was established 90 years ago by caring individuals, they envisioned creating a permanent financial resource to benefit this community in perpetuity. We're honored to continue their legacy and their dream of having a resource the community can utilize in times of need and opportunity."

According to Foundation President Michael M. Parks, "Much good has been accomplished in our community, thanks to the more than 3,000 donors who have established funds for the betterment of Greater Dayton and beyond. These charitable funds include unrestricted gifts that have enabled The Dayton Foundation to award discretionary grants to meet changing community needs and to launch important community leadership initiatives."

Throughout the years, The Dayton Foundation has focused its discretionary grantmaking on projects that would help those who needed it most or where opportunity was greatest. A few examples of significant efforts that received support or were launched in the last nine decades have included research to enhance Dayton’s general welfare in the 1920s; helping families in the 1930s to deal with the effects of the Great Depression; funding counseling programs for World War II veterans in the 1940s; fostering education to avoid poverty in the 1950s; supporting work to enhance conservation and the environment in the 1960s; aiding community health networks in the 1970s; undertaking research to identify and remove barriers to economic independence for young adults at risk of being unable to support themselves and their families and giving support to keep at-risk youth in school in the 1980s; backing bonds enabling construction of the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center to go forward and playing a key role in the creation of The Job Center in the 1990s; and in the 2000s, launching a diversity and inclusion initiative, helping to create full-service community schools and fulfilling a major commitment to the Out-of-School Youth Project.

Among the over 800 community foundations in the nation, The Dayton Foundation consistently is ranked among the top 40 for new gifts, grants awarded and market value, currently 27th, 31st and 38th respectively.

"Notable is that the Foundation is ranked second among the nation’s community foundations for the number of charitable funds under management - some 3,000-and for the number of grants awarded, over 14,000 last year alone," Parks said, "numbers larger than community foundations in some of our nation’s largest cities. This is disproportionate giving from a community our size. It says so much about the generosity of our region’s people."

For 90 years The Dayton Foundation has been helping people help others in Greater Dayton and beyond. The Dayton Foundation helps donors find the best and most tax-wise ways to achieve their charitable objectives, invests and manages donors' charitable funds, and provides grants and leadership to grow philanthropy and help meet present and future community needs. More information about The Dayton Foundation and its services is available at www.daytonfoundation.org.

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Jerry Tatar

“I am a big proponent of The Dayton Foundation, which makes sure every dollar is put to good use. They are in a unique position to understand the community’s greatest needs. I hope others will join me in establishing unrestricted funds to help the Foundation increase its ability to undertake important community projects.” – Jerry E. Tatar, former Governing Board chair and Foundation donor since 2003

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