May 26, 2011

The Dayton Foundation Rises in the Rankings Among Top U.S. Community Foundations

The yearly ranking of community foundations nationwide has just been released by CF Insights. In the report, The Dayton Foundation rose from #27 to #19 out of more than 700 community foundations nationwide, in new gifts received in 2010. The Foundation also rose from 31st to 30th nationally in grants paid and remains 38th in the nation in market value of assets.

Gifts received by the Foundation for the benefit of charities totaled $63.8 million during this time period. The Foundation’s grantmaking came in at $35.1 million, with most of these grants designated in some way by The Dayton Foundation’s donors. The reported market value for The Dayton Foundation’s assets totaled $332.4 million.

"The largest single gift in The Dayton Foundation’s 90-year history, the $26.4 million Virginia Bernthal Toulmin legacy gift, last year made a significant difference in the gifts received during 2010. Clearly, however, many other gifts also contributed to this past year’s total gifts. We are so grateful to the Greater Dayton community and to all these generous donors for their contributions to aid our region’s not-for-profit organizations," said Michael M. Parks, president of The Dayton Foundation.

"Community foundations have been established to advance charitable giving," he said, "provide leadership to meet changing community needs and serve as a vehicle for individual, family and corporate community giving. Nationwide, the 100 largest community foundations-of which The Dayton Foundation is one-awarded more than $3.7 billion in grants last year and represent assets of some $44 billion. Community foundations are a true community resource, and The Dayton Foundation ranks among the top in the country. We all should proud of the difference individuals in our community are making for those organizations that they care about. The Dayton Foundation is honored to help them help others."

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John Edgar

“Towards the end of Cindy’s life, she asked me, ‘After I’m gone, what will there be to say that I was here?’ Establishing this fund was her way to continue reaching out and touching children’s lives, as she did throughout her lifetime.” – John Edgar, donor, on the Remar Family and John and Cindy Edgar Endowment Fund

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