January 7, 2013

The Dayton Foundation Awards Grants to Help Local Not-For-Profits Help Others

During the second half of 2012, The Dayton Foundation awarded nearly $22.2 million in grants from donor funds to a wide variety of charitable organizations in the Greater Dayton Region and beyond. A portion of this amount was made through the Foundation’s discretionary grants program, which a number of donors have made possible by providing unrestricted or largely unrestricted funds to The Dayton Foundation to be able to act on opportunities for the community and address pressing needs throughout Greater Dayton.

Discretionary grants are approved by the Foundation’s Governing Board to promote efforts in the areas of arts and culture, health, education, human services, philanthropy and other community-building endeavors in Greater Dayton. Recently the Foundation made $135,000 in discretionary grants to assist the following organizations in helping Greater Dayton.

Dayton Crayons to Classrooms ($10,000): To help expand their services in the region by providing basic school supplies for students in need at four additional schools.

FilmDayton ($10,000): To assist in promoting the Dayton Region as a destination for film and television production companies.

Good Neighbor House ($25,000): To expand dental and nutrition services for underserved individuals and families by renovating the organization’s new facility.

Hospice of Dayton Foundation ($10,000): To help create a new garden with alcove patios and seating to further enhance the organization’s 14-acre campus for patients and their families.

House of Bread ($15,000): To assist in providing nutritious lunches to individuals in need by expanding and renovating the kitchen and dining room.

Human Race Theatre Company ($30,000): To help attract and engage new and existing audiences through new marketing strategies.

Kettering Parks Foundation ($10,000): To assist in the construction of the Charles Kettering History Walk with a corresponding teacher resource website.

YMCA of Greater Dayton ($25,000): To help improve children’s health and nutrition habits by creating a free, after school childhood obesity prevention program through Soccer for Success.

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Debbie Wright

“The Dayton Foundation has been wonderful to work with. Their communication with donors is strong, and they really care about our scholarship fund.” – Debbie Wright, Dayton Foundation donor since 2006

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